New for 2021: Lone Wolf Arms LTD19

posted on March 22, 2021
Lone Wolf Arms, a longtime provider of aftermarket components for Glock handguns, announced the launch of its LTD19, a complete, Glock-pattern handgun loaded with upgrades. The new Lone Wolf Arms LTD19 benefits from the company's decades of experience in the aftermarket parts industry, incorporating many of the enhancements demanded by today's handgun enthusiasts.

"After years of offering action enhancement parts, slides, barrels, and frames our customers have asked for a complete Lone Wolf Pistol," said Clay Tippins, owner of Lone Wolf Arms. "We're proud to offer a complete solution that includes many of the upgrades Glock owners seek in a ready-to-shoot package at a much lower price than what was previously considered possible."

The Lone Wolf LTD19 is built on the company's Timberwolf frame, which offers a slimmer profile when compared to Glock's OEM frame design. The smooth trigger-guard undercut gives you a higher grip on the frame, which reduces felt recoil. As an added bonus, the radiused undercut is also designed to prevent irritation to the shooter's knuckle, which can occur when shooting with a Glock factory frame. Frames are available with either a black or gray finish.

Mounted to the Lone Wolf LTD19 Timberwolf frame is a unique slide that's been milled to remove ounces off the overall weight of the gun. The reduced weight in the slide also helps to speed up cycle time, which enhances reliability and gets you to that follow-up shot even faster. Less reciprocating weight will also cut down on felt recoil, too. The slides are available in V1 and V2 variations, each with distinct features and differing lightening cuts. These slides are also available in either a nitride or stainless-steel finish.

The Lone Wolf Arms LTD19 measures 7.16" overall and includes a 4" barrel. Height, including the extended magazine well, measures 4.77". Frame width measures in at 1.13", while the maximum width at the flared magazine well measures 1.49". Without a magazine inserted, the LTD19 weighs 19 ounces. Each pistol is outfitted with a stainless-steel guide rod, enlarged magazine release and an enlarged slide stop lever.

Suggested retail pricing on the Lone Wolf Arms LTD19 is $699.95. For more information, visit



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