New For 2023: Lone Wolf Arms DUSK 19

posted on May 20, 2023
LW DUSK 19 01
Lone Wolf’s new Glock-compatible pistol is the DUSK 19, shown with black slide finish, oil-rubbed bronze barrel finish and sights that provide lower 1/3 lower co-witness with an optic.
Image courtesy of Lone Wolf Arms.

When the original patent expires on a popular firearm design, expect a market of clones to appear. It happened with the M1911, the AR-15 and one of the most popular handguns ever designed, the Glock 19. But with all three of these designs, their offspring quickly developed from “copy” to innovative products in their own right. Case in point—the Lone Wolf DUSK 19.

Left side of the black Lone Wolf Arms DUSK 19 shown on white.The DUSK 19 comes supplied with many of Lone Wolf’s enhanced parts, such as an extended slide release and reversible magazine release. Image courtesy of Lone Wolf Arms.

Lone Wolf Arms got its start making aftermarket parts for Glock pistols. One day, the company realized that it was making the whole gun and started selling complete firearms. The latest evolution of its design is the DUSK 19. The pistol’s uniquely profiled slide is machined from 17-4 stainless steel. It has cocking serrations on the front and rear. The slide is cut for optics mounting. Optics with a Trijicon RMR/SRO footprint will mount directly without the need for an adapter plate. Sights are the Night Fision Stealth Series with a Tritium insert. Sights have a height to achieve a lower 1/3 co-witness with an optic for non-threaded barrel models and are suppressor height for models with a threaded barrel. The slide finish can be a black nitride or a PVD color coating in flat dark earth, oil rubbed bronze or graphite gray.  

The barrel is made of 416 stainless steel and is finished in a PVD coating. Like the slide, it has a unique DUSK profile that is designed not only for looks, but to decrease wear and increase reliability. Standard barrels have a length of 3.90”, and threaded barrels are 4.60” with their muzzle threaded 1/2 x 28 TPI.  

The right side of a bronze-finished Lone Wolf Arms DUSK 19 shown with a threaded barrel.The DUSK 19 is available with multiple options. Pictured is the oil rubbed bronze frame and slide finish, extended and threaded barrel and suppressor height sights. Image courtesy of Lone Wolf Arms.

The frame is Lone Wolf’s CCS model (compact grip length and compact dust cover length), which has a grip angle of 19 degrees. A factory Glock pistol typically has a grip angle of around 22 degrees, making the grip angle of the DUSK closer to a 1911 or Springfield’s XD handguns.

The newly enhanced fire control unit features a flat trigger and has a claimed 30 percent reduction in force needed to fire. The triggerguard is enlarged and undercut and the grip area has a built-in magwell. The dust cover features a two-slot Picatinny accessory rail. The frame’s backstrap is replaceable, with both a flat and palm swell version supplied. The pistol comes with many of Lone Wolf’s enhanced parts already installed, such as its extended slide release and reversible magazine release. The magazine is a Glock pattern, and a 15-rounder fits flush in the DUSK 19 grip. 

A two-tone version of the Lone Wolf Arms DUSK 19 shown with suppressor-height sights and a threaded barrel.The Lone Wolf DUSK 19 with flat dark earth slide finish, black frame, extended and threaded barrel and suppressor height sights. Image courtesy of Lone Wolf Arms.

The standard barrel DUSK 19 weighs 22.25 ozs., has an overall length of 6.95” and a height of 4.94”. It has a slide width of 1.00” and a grip width of 1.14”. MSRP for the Lone Wolf Arms DUSK 19 is $649.95, with the threaded barrel model being $50 more. For more information, visit


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