New for 2020: Stevens 555 Trap

posted on January 19, 2020
Hot on the heels of the innovative Savage Renegauge, the first semi-automatic shotgun designed and built by Savage Arms, the company reinforced its commitment to its Stevens brand as well. New for 2020 is the Stevens 555 Trap, adding a dedicated single-barrel model alongside the popular, affordable over/under shotguns already in existence under the 555 lineup.

Each Stevens 555 Trap is constructed on a lightweight aluminum receiver that incorporates an all-steel breech insert, allowing the gun to be nimble enough for a long day on the trap field while remaining durable enough to provide a lifetime of service. Each receiver is scaled to the gauges available, and the 555 Trap can be had in 12- and 20-gauge models.

Designed to be light and fast-handling, this Stevens trap model is outfitted with a Turkish-walnut stock and fore-end. The forearms features attractive checkering that allows for a solid support-hand grasp on the gun, and the stock features an adjustable comb that allows shooters to fit the gun to their body.

Other features found on the Stevens 555 Trap include a raised, ventilated rip topped by a traditional bead sight, as well as a manual extractor and a tang-mounted manual safety. The 555 Trap lineup is available in standard and compact models, each featuring barrel lengths of 30" and 26", respectively. The guns have 3" chambers and weigh between 6.6-7.5 lbs, depending on the gauge and barrel length selected.

Each Stevens 555 Trap model ships with three interchangeable chokes (1, 3 and 5). The suggested retail price on the gun is $689. For more information on this new offering from Savage Arms, visit


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