Morphy Auction Features Extraordinary Westleys

posted on April 14, 2021

One of the great names in bespoke British gunmaking is Westley Richards, which was founded in 1812 by William Westley Richards in Birmingham. Today, the company makes shotguns (guns to the English), rifles, leather goods and clothing for discriminating clients. Bought by the Code family in 1957, Westley Richards today uses a mix of CNC machines and handwork—mostly the latter—when it comes to finishing and engraving its best-quality guns.

Ten such guns, all sides-by-sides, were custom-built for one American between 1985 and 1999, and all were fully engraved. Of the 10, most appear to have only been proof-fired.

Included are two 28-ga. cased pairs—one of beautifully engraved and gold inlaid Deluxe sidelocks built in 1993 (above) and a pair of drop-lock boxlock ejectors with full-coverage engraving by Alan Brown done in 1988. Also included are a 20-ga. sidelock, a 28-ga. Connaught with two barrel sets engraved by the Brown Brothers, a 28-ga. Connaught with three barrel sets, and another 28-ga. Connaught with two barrel sets

These guns were purchased and are being donated by MidwayUSA founder and CEO Larry Potterfield and Brenda Potterfield to benefit NRA because, “NRA has fought and fought and fought, and we want our grandkids to have a true Right to Keep and Bear Arms.” The guns will be auctioned by Morphy Auctions on April 27. For more information, call (877) 968-8880 or go to


black pistol handgun hook and loop smith and wesson dark background ominous
black pistol handgun hook and loop smith and wesson dark background ominous

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