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2024 Ammunition Product Of The Year: Federal Force X2 Shorty

2024 Ammunition Product Of The Year: Federal Force X2 Shorty

What’s not to like about an effective but soft-recoiling buckshot load that separates into two segments upon impact, simultaneously doubling the resulting wound channels while reducing the risk of over-penetration? That's why we picked the Federal Force X2 Shorty as our ammunition product of the year.

Hornady Introduces Patented Drag Variability Reduction Technology

Hornady announces its newly patented, cutting-edge bullet-tip design that increase uniformity of bullet drag for unrivaled consistency thanks to Dopplar radar and Schlieren imagery.

Hornady Creates Criminal Justice Fund, Introduces New Reloading App

Hornady is supporting handloaders and its local community through the introduction of a new reloading app and the creation of the Hornady Criminal Justice Fund.

Hodgdon Powder Acquires RCBS Reloading

Hodgdon Powder Company purchased RCBS Reloading from Revelyst, a segment of Vista Outdoor, early this month.

Winchester Ammunition Centerfire Innovation

Alongside Winchester's iconic lever-action and bolt-action rifles, the company has been an innovator in centerfire cartridge design for nearly as long as the company itself has been in existence.

Handloads: An Economical .410-Bore Recipe

If ever handloading shotshells can pay off, it’s in the loading of .410 bore. Prices of factory .410 2½" shotshells are about double that of factory 12-ga. shells, despite the fact .410s contain only half the shot and powder.

Friends, Firearms And Freedom: New Guns & Gear 2024

Each year, freedom-loving Americans are excited to see the firearm industry’s latest guns, optics, ammunition and accessories, and there will be no better opportunity in 2024 to do so than at the NRA Annual Meetings & Exhibits in Dallas, Texas.

Preview: CCI Uppercut 22 LR

The latest advancement in rimfire ammunition comes in the form of a defensive loading from CCI and its new Uppercut line for .22 Long Rifle-chambered pistols.

Firearm Industry Economic Impact Rises 371 Percent Since 2008

The total economic impact of the firearm and ammunition industry in the United States increased from $19.1 billion in 2008 to $90.05 billion in 2023, marking a trending increase of 371 percent.

Vista Outdoor Advises MNC Capital To Increase Offer Price

Vista Outdoor announced discussions with MNC Capital (MNC), the company that made a $2.9 billion unsolicited offer earlier this year.

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