Gun Of The Week: CZ-USA 600 Trail

posted on May 12, 2023

It was during the height of COVID that CZ debuted a new platform dubbed the Model 600. The series offers a variety of rifles that anyone can get behind and is one that is offered in a diverse selection of popular world-renowned chamberings. American Rifleman contributors tested the CZ 600 to its limit and featured the then-new rifle in the September 2022 issue of the magazine, saying: “Long revered for its somewhat Euro-centric bolt-gun designs, CZ has revamped its line, now offering American shooters models that compete directly with the most modern examples on the market.” Watch our video above to see the CZ 600 Trail rifle in use on the range.

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Quite the departure from the company’s more traditionally styled Model 600 Lux, the Trail version we have here on the range is one of the most interesting of the group. Though limited to two chamberings, .223 Rem. and 7.62x39 mm, the 600 Trail is host to features never before seen on CZ bolt guns. The Trail is effectively a tactical chassis rifle with trimmed down features, which makes for a great backpack gun, mountain-trekking rifle or even truck gun for patrolling the farm.

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It is lightweight at just over 6 lbs., sans optic and ammunition, and is obviously rugged with lots of aluminum and polymer throughout. The receiver is even made of aluminum. The stock is a trim design and collapses with 4 positions to choose from. The barrel, cold-hammer-forged with a heavier contour, is short at 16.2" and comes threaded. The trigger offers a two-stage pull and an adjustable pull-weight via a four-position dial, which allows users to select a pull weight between 1.3 and 3 lbs. And there is lots of room for accessories, too, with ample Picatinny-rail space and M-Lok slots across the receiver, handguard and even at the butt of the rifle.

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There is a lot to like about the CZ 600 Trail, especially if you’re the type looking for a do-it-all platform. Our range sample arrived in .223 Rem., and on the range, it handles great. The minimalist approach to the butt of the gun affords its user more options--it packs simply and deploys quickly. CZ gives you a proud, tactical-type bolt knob, which is quick to grasp and easy to maintain a grip on. Also, the 600-series action allows users to enjoy a two-position safety lever with a bolt-unlock feature that disengages the trigger for safe handling during operation.

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Our testers particularly enjoyed the detachable magazine and its compatibility with AR-15 magazines, as they are abundant and affordable. Models chambered in 7.62x39 mm use CZ Bren 2 magazines. Left- and right-side magazine release buttons are a nice touch. In addition, we found the AR-type safety to be a welcome feature, and it is mirrored on either side of the receiver for ambidextrous use. The overall feel of the CZ 600 Trail on the range is unique. It is light and quick to operate. Recoil is incredibly manageable, and it appears to be fairly accurate, too.

CZ 600 Trail Specifications
Importer: CZ-USA Inc.
Action Type: bolt-action, centerfire, repeating rifle
Chambering: .223 Rem.
Barrel: 16.2" cold-hammer-forged steel
Receiver: aluminum
Chassis: polymer
: four-position adjustable
Magazine: 10-round detachable box
Sights: none; Picatinny rail
Overall Length: 27.2" to 35"
Weight: 6 lbs., 1.6 ozs.
MSRP: $1,079


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