Dress Up Your Ruger 10/22 Takedown Rifle

posted on April 28, 2015

In 2012, Ruger introduced the Takedown version of its popular 10/22 semi-auto rifle. Not long after, the company added a threaded-barrel model to the lineup. Designed to quickly break in half for easy storage or carry in a backpack, this model is just as easily accessorized as its predecessors. Here are some useful field tested items to dress up your Takedown. Some are brand new for 2015, and all of them are affordably priced:

1. Adaptive Tactical RM4 Stock System undefined
The ADTAC RM4 replacement stock system from Adaptive Tactical provides a host of features to enhance the fun and functionality of the Takedown rifle. The stock's reinforced polymer construction makes it light weight and weather resistant. Front and rear sling swivel studs are installed at the factory. The adjustable shoulder stock allows for a length-of-pull (LOP) ranging from 10.50" to 14.75", which should comfortably fit just about any shooter. The shoulder stock also contains a pair of pockets designed to snuggly retain two Ruger 10-round rotary magazines. I like using the transparent factory magazines with this stock because it’s easy to verify their ammunition content without removing them from the stock.

The stock's comfortable pistol grip will accept the ADTAC TacTRED monopod, which is designed to fit seamlessly with the base of the grip. Pressing the forward mounted release button allows the spring-loaded TacTRED to fully extend out of the grip. The monopod can then be adjusted by 1/2" increments to the desired height. Use the TacTRED as a stand-alone stabilizer, or pair it with a bi-pod to eliminate the need for a rifle rest.   

One of the best features of this stock system is that it will fit comfortably into the Takedown's factory carry bag. If a basic black finish is not your style, Adaptive Tactical offers a variety of camouflage finishes including Muddy Girl and Kryptek patterns. The RM4 stock is also available for fixed barrel versions of the 10/22.
Suggested Retail:
ADTAC RM4 Ruger 10/22 Takedown Rifle Stock:  $149.95 - $189.99
ADTAC TacTRED Monopod: $39.95

2. Ruger BX Trigger undefined
The Ruger BX Trigger is a factory produced drop-in upgrade that costs less than most aftermarket models. Released in 2015, the BX unit arrives fully assembled in a polymer housing with a textured polymer trigger. The typical stock 10/22 trigger requires around 6-pounds of trigger pull to cycle. The BX unit installed on this rifle drops the trigger pull to 3-pounds 7-ounces. It's running just as reliably as any other factory 10/22 trigger I've worked with, which is to say, without a hitch. The BX unit also fits fixed-barrel 10/22s and the Ruger Charger pistol.
MSRP: $89.95

3. Hawke Sport HD IR 3-9x40 Rimfire SR Reticle undefined
Hawke Sport Optics has recently released a brand new rimfire scope that provides an adjustable magnification illuminated reticle at an affordable price. The High Definition (HD) optical coating provides a bright, clear sight picture by reducing internal and external reflections. The .22 Rimfire BDC reticle is easy to use with 25-yard aim points, from 50 to 200 yards, with the yardages clearly marked right on the lens. The 1/4 M.O.A fingertip turrets keep the crosshairs zeroed using high quality beryllium springs. The reticle can be viewed with five levels of red or green illumination to match ambient light conditions. Designed to be weather and shock resistant, this scope arrives with lens covers, a lens cloth, a CR2032 Lithium battery, an owner's manual and Hawke's Worldwide Warranty. The company also provides affordable scope rings and bases.
MSRP: $149.99

4. Tactical Solutions X-Ring 10/22 .920" OD Compensator undefined
If you have the threaded barrel version of the Takedown, the 1/2"x28 thread will accept a wide variety of AR-15 muzzle accessories. In fact, the barrel ships with same flash hider that's found on Ruger's SR-556 and AR-556 rifles. I tried a few different AR accessories, but they all seemed a little out of place on this rifle. Attaching a Tactical Solutions X-Ring OD Compensator produced the results I was looking for. The 360 degree ports work to reduce the muzzle flip, it slips in and out of the factory carry bag with ease, and it looks cool. This accessory is available in gloss black, matte black, and silver finishes.
MSRP: $42

5.  Caldwell AR Bipods undefined
With the ADTAC RM4 stock installed, Takedown owners can take advantage of the sling swivel stud or the accessory rail to install a bipod. Since the rail was available, I went with the flexible and affordable Caldwell AR Bipod. It features a light weight aluminum construction with an anodized finish. The quick-attach mounting system includes a large knurled knob that makes it easy to install and remove from the gun. Along with the folding height-adjustable legs, the AR Bipod is capable of panning up to 20 degrees or canting up to 18 degrees to the left and right. Choose from Prone (7.5” – 10”) or Sitting (14.5” – 30.5”) models in black or tan finishes.
Suggested Retail: $72.99–$99.99

6. HC Mags HC3R Magazine  undefined
HC Mags provides a unique version of the 25-round 10/22 "banana" magazine that we've all come to know and love. The three Rs in the HC3R magazine name stand for Rapid Ruger Reload. Instead of thumbing in each round through the metallic feed lips, the ammunition is feed into the spine of the magazine using a stripper clip. A pocket on the left side of the magazine holds an additional 20-rounds of ammunition for a total of 45-rounds when the magazine is fully loaded.
Suggested Retail: $39.95

7. Copper Basin Ruger 10/22 Takedown Backpack undefined
The bag that comes with the Takedown from the factory is well designed, but it has two notable limitations. First, there isn't much room inside for anything besides the gun accessories. So, if you are headed out for a day hike, a second bag will be needed to carry your lunch and other gear. Secondly, the factory bag’s square shape, MOLLE loops, and bright red Ruger logo don't do much to conceal what the bag contains.

This year a company called Copper Basin is planning to launch a new backpack for the Takedown rifle that blends in with typical outdoor equipment. The exterior colors, logo, and configuration are those of an ordinary day pack. Mesh pouches, zippered pockets, and elastic tie downs provide cargo space for non-shooting items like binoculars, walking sticks, and water bottles.

The interior pockets are shaped and laid out to accommodate the Takedown rifle or Charger pistol with enough room left over that optics and bipods can be left in place. The interior gun pockets can be quickly accessed from the top of the pack without having to open it completely. This comes in handy when walking through the woods. But if you are working from a shooting bench, the pack's clamshell design allows it to open and lay flat, like a shooting mat, for easy access to all of the interior pockets.

The early production bag I received to evaluate was rugged and well made. It's a solid and useful bag, especially for the price. As of this writing, the website for Copper Basin is still under construction, so there are no links to follow. But the bag is planned to launch in the Summer of 2015.
Projected MSRP: $99

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