Bouncing Targets

posted on December 6, 2011

Handgunners in search of a new target for informal plinking and impromptu competitions need to take a look at a new device I recently found. Made by a company called Do-All Outdoors, this new target is known as a bouncing ground target.

It comes in four variations—ribbed ball, cube, top hat and solid ball—each of which is made of bright orange plastic. The material is said to heal behind a bullet's path and my two samples do seem to be holding up pretty well. The idea is to throw the target well forward of the firing line, then shoot the target in an effort to make it bounce. Since the surfaces are irregular, it's hard to predict what trajectory the target will take when hit. It seems to be almost impossible to drive one straight back. I tried.

This idea of a reactive target that hops, skips and jumps around presents a great many possibilities for shooting fun. How about setting the target at 20 yards and timing how long it takes to drive it to the 50 yard line? Or put out a pair for two shooters, who then race to the finish line. If you bounce your target up in the air and hit it again before it touches the ground, you get bonus points. The possibilities are seemingly endless.

The maker's website claims that the targets will take up to a thousand hits. Mine have nowhere near that total, but seem to be holding up very well. Naturally, the longevity of the target depends on the caliber. Big magnums beat up the plastic more than .22 shorts. Also, you are shooting at a target on the ground. If the ground is hard, you are going to get ricochets. Be very careful that you are not bouncing bullets out of the range. As always, you are responsible for everything that happens when you press that trigger.


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