ARTV: Scholastic Clay Target Program National Championship

posted on June 22, 2022

Every year, the Scholastic Clay Target Program (SCTP) holds its national championship, where young competitors go head-to-head in clay target competitions. This SCTP National Championship includes most all variations of clay target shooting, from trap, skeet, sporting clays and more. The competitors come from teams of high school to college-aged students who are members of respective local teams.

ARTV Scholastic Clay Target Program National Championship shotgun competition student athletes.

With young competitors flocking in from across the nation, the SCTP National Championship receives tens of thousands of registrations each year. Each team is headed by a coach and is comprised of local students from the area or school. It offers students a chance to try out the fun and competitive sport of clay target shooting. This both introduces the sport to new generations of enthusiasts and offers a platform in which young competitors can hone their skills as they grow into the sport.

ARTV Scholastic Clay Target Program National Championship shotgun competition student athletes.

The SCTP also offers students, who would otherwise not have the means to enter the sport, a chance to try it out. In this way, it plays a crucial role in keeping the sport alive and well with the introduction of it to younger generations, while also providing a means with which young participants can, learn, compete and socialize with each other.

ARTV Scholastic Clay Target Program National Championship shotgun competition student athletes.

For the new members of a STCP team, the first year is focused on learning the fundamentals and familiarization. By the second year, with continuous training and guidance from coaches, the students typically become more proficient and build further after that. Besides the fun nature of the competition, the SCTP National Championships also offer a venue in which the competitors can meet others and establish new friendships. For more information on the Scholastic Clay Target Program and how to join a team, visit  

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