ARTV Preview: Eye Dominance, Walther PDP and the French 'Tabatiere'

posted on July 13, 2021

On the latest episode of American Rifleman TV, NRA Training Counselor Larry Quandahl takes you through the importance of establishing eye dominance in our “Back to Basics” segment. He then follows up with the importance of obtaining a proper grip and how it can improve your shooting.

NRA Firearms Instructor Larry Quandahl aims a red-dot-equipped .22-caliber pistol downrange.We test the latest innovative handgun from Walther, the PDP (Performance Duty Pistol). This 9 mm is offered in three sizes, and did something we didn’t think was possible—it improved on the company’s previous PPQ pistol.

The right side of a red-dot-equipped Walther Performance Duty pistol shown next to bullseye targets and interchangeable backstraps.We also look at one of the world’s longest-serving guns—one you’ve probably never heard of—and that is the French “Tabatiere.” These guns could well have started off as flintlocks in the era of Napoleon but were later converted to percussion and then made into big-bore breechloaders. The name "Tabatiere" is French for tobacco or snuff box and pretty much sums up how its breechblock works.

American Rifleman contributor Garry james aims a French Tabatiere rifled musket downrange.To watch complete segments of past episodes of American Rifleman TV, go to For all-new episodes of ARTV, tune in Wednesday nights to Outdoor Channel 8:30 p.m. and 11:30 p.m. EST.     


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