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Stag Arms Rebrands After Move to Wyoming

Stag Arms Rebrands After Move to Wyoming

Modern sporting rifles produced by Stag Arms may not have the traditional look, but the company’s firearms now wear a genuine touch of the old west, with Cheyenne, Wyoming-marked receivers along with a new Stag logo and branding. The firm’s relocation plans were first announced in the summer of 2019 and later that year its headquarters were fully operational in Cheyenne. The logo and stamp commemorate all operations up and running in the Cowboy State.

“The new logo reflects the direction our team is taking the company; bold, modern and aggressive,” said Chad Larsen, president of Stag Arms. “This is the new Stag Arms. With the closing of our Connecticut facility in 2020 we ended a chapter in our company’s story. The move to Wyoming has allowed us to write a new chapter and refocus our efforts on building high-quality, American-made rifles that will serve our customers for life.”

Stag Arms was founded in 2003 in New Britain, CN, and quickly built a reputation for producing high-quality AR-15s, particularly southpaw-friendly versions. Its first AR-10 hit the market in 2017.

In 2016 White Wolf Capitol, a private equity firm established in 2011, acquired the company, adding it to a stable of gun companies that already included Aero Precision, Ballistic Advantage, VG6 Precision and others. Aero Precision recently made an intrastate move to more a more gun-friendly clime.

Stag Arms produces a full line of AR-15s, updated AR-10s and pistol-caliber PXC rifles, pistols and others. The company’s dedication to providing left-hand-friendly models is unusual in the right-hand dominated industry.

American Rifleman reviewed its model 10SL in 2019 and concluded, “Given the fact that they are priced competitively relative to many of the market’s comparable right-hand options, there’s really no reason for left-handed shooters to make do with a rifle not made for them. Previous evaluations of the company’s AR-15-sized offerings revealed them to be capable performers, and our time behind the larger, more powerful Stag Model 10SL revealed it to be of equal quality.”

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