NRA Gun of the Week: Korth NXR

posted on September 11, 2020
Words can’t truly express the feeling of $5,000 in the hand, but if you were to draw a picture, it would look just like a Korth NXR revolver. A partnership between Germany’s premier revolver manufacturer Korth and America’s Nighthawk Custom has resulted in the import of a lineup of ultra-custom revolvers.

Left-side image of a Korth NXR revolver with text on image stating make and model.

Korth built its reputation around a goal of improving the revolver in every way possible—its NXR revolver is an example of that mission. The NXR is a double-action revolver chambered for .44 Mag. At first blush, it is hard to miss the barrel shroud treatment and included Picatinny rail sections that wrap the cold-hammer-forged stainless steel barrel in addition to an integral rail section atop the gun’s frame.

Man wearing protective shooting gear shooting a black and silver revolver.

The list of uncommon revolver features Korth includes with its NXR begin to stack up quickly. A unique cylinder release lever is found resting to the left of the revolver’s hammer—simply press forward on the knurled lever access the cylinder’s chambers.

Korth further enhanced the cylinder to not only swing out wider than traditional revolvers, but allows for quick removal of the cylinder and crane assembly. A button on right side of the frame must be depressed. Korth also provides additional cylinder lockup due to increased recoil and pressure the .44 Mag. cartridge unleashes.

Revolver in hands with cylinder open and ready to unload ammunition.

Diamond-like carbon (DLC) finish is used to coat the revolver’s exterior, which has been found to be a trusted anti-corrosive coating that also increases lubricity of the surfaces treated. Wrapping the frame is a Jim Wilson signature Turkish walnut stock that provides three finger-groove scallops.

Our experience on the range with Korth’s NXR, despite the .44 Mag. chambering, was an incredible experience. The fully adjustable sights were well-sighted and appeared to enhance the shooter's experience with repeatable accuracy on target. The NXR's silky-smooth and consistent double-action trigger is one of the best we’ve experienced, too.

Close-up view of Korth revovler barrel and black shroud.

Watch our NRA Gun of the Week video, above, to learn more about the Korth NXR revolver distributed by Nighthawk Custom.

Korth NXR Specifications
Manufacturer: PTW KORTH Technologies GmbH
Importer: Nighthawk Custom
Action Type: double-action center-fire revolver
Chambering: .44 Mag.
Barrel: 4”, cold-hammer-forged stainless steel
Capacity: removable, six-round cylinder
Sights: fully adjustable rear, wing-protected ramped-post front
Trigger:8-lb., 14-oz. double-action pull; 3-lb., 10-oz. single-action pull
Finish: diamond-like carbon (DLC)
MSRP: $5,299 (base)

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