NRA Gun of the Week: Taurus Raging Hunter

posted on February 7, 2020

Taurus USA’s large-frame Raging Hunter double-action revolver provides shooters and hunters with a lightweight and optic-ready platform chambered for magnum-charged cartridges—.357 Mag., .44 Mag. and .454 Casull.

To enhance the hunting and shooting experience of the Raging Hunter revolver, Taurus used select materials and designs, such as a lightweight, stainless-steel barrel, which is ported and shrouded with aluminum alloy. Furthering the user experience, Taurus outfitted its Raging Hunter with an ergonomically-sound and cushioned one-piece rubber stock. To ensure rigidity and security of firing that chambered magnum cartridges, this DA revolver features non-convention lockup, a secondary cylinder-lockup point where the crane meets the frame. As part of the revolver’s lightweight design geared toward hunters, a Picatinny rail flows seamlessly across the shroud’s topside allowing use of optics, whether red-dot or magnified varieties are desired. Additionally, fully adjustable, target-style sights accompany the revolver in factory form.

In the “Hardware” review published by NRA’s American Hunter, Adam Heggenstaller said it best, “Despite the gun’s name, I’m anything but angry about the performance of the Raging Hunter. Most handgun hunters should be happy to carry this latest offering from Taurus into the field.” This sentiment is exceptionally true about the Taurus Ranging Hunter revolver, so much so, the .44-mag.-chambered six-shooter garnered the coveted Golden Bullseye Award from American Hunter for Hunting Handgun of the Year. To learn more about the Taurus USA Raging Hunter revolver, watch our NRA Gun of the Week video above.

Taurus Raging Hunter Specifications
Manufacturer: Taurus (Brazil)
Importer: Taurus Int’l Mfg. Inc.
Chambering: .44 Mag.
Action Type: double-action center-fire revolver
Barrel: 8 3/8” stainless steel
Frame: stainless steel
Capacity: six rounds
Sights: fully-adjustable rear, fixed front blade; Picatinny rail
Trigger: double-action, 12-lb., 7 oz. pull; single-action; 4-lb., 8-oz. pull
Finish: matte black and stainless
Width: 1.80”
Weight: 55 ozs.
MSRP: $919

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