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The Armed Citizen® July 20, 2020

The Armed Citizen® July 20, 2020

Armed Citizen® Today

A passing motorist found himself in a defensive situation against an armed assailant as he was stopped at an intersection in Brownsburg, Ind. on Tuesday afternoon, July 15.

It all started when the attacker drove to Brownsburg Cemetery and approached two workers on the site. The attacker then opened fire on the two workers who split up and tried to run for cover. The assailant chased on foot and shot one of the workers dead in the street before turning his attention to the second worker and chasing him through a residential neighborhood.

The second worker ran back towards the main road with the assailant in hot pursuit, where the two got into a physical altercation and more shots where fired. The motorist was stopped at an intersection nearby when he witnessed the attacker trying to shoot the surviving worker, and was himself struck in his vehicle by a stray shot. In response the motorist produced his licensed carry arm and returned fire.

The motorist opened fire just as the attacker pointed his firearm at the head of the worker. The armed citizen is credited with saving himself, the worker and innocent bystanders in the area in this unexpected scenario. The attacker died of his wounds, while the motorist and second worker sustained non-life-threatening injuries. (WISHTV, Indianapolis, Ind., 07/15/2020)
From the Armed Citizen® Archives March 1982

When an armed robber pointed a .22-cal. pistol at him and demanded money, Tulsa, Okla., liquor store owner Thomas Shaw reached instead for a .357 Mag. revolver. He opened up and hit the criminal once in the head and three times in the chest, killing him on the spot.

The robber had a criminal record dating back to 1942 and had killed a man in 1952. Police called the dead man an "11-time loser." (The Tribune, Tulsa, Okla.)

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