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The Armed Citizen® July 17, 2020

The Armed Citizen® July 17, 2020

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A homeowner in Wesley Chapel, Fla. defended himself and his property after shooting three armed robbers inside his home.

On early Friday morning, July 10, the homeowner was playing video games when he heard glass shatter at the back of his house. The homeowner armed himself and went to investigate the noise. Moving down the hallway, he came across the first intruder, who was armed and dressed in dark clothing with a mask.

The homeowner shot the first intruder and then the second intruder who was just behind the first. The shots alerted the third intruder who fired back, but the homeowner managed to hit the third just before his gun jammed. The homeowner went to grab another gun, giving the wounded third intruder a chance to bolt for an exit.

The third intruder managed to make it out of the residence before being stopped and held at gunpoint by an armed neighbor until police arrived. The other two intruders died of their wounds. Authorities say the first two intruders had "very violent criminal histories," and the third sustained non-life-threatening injuries.

The surviving intruder is facing two counts of second-degree homicide and one count of home invasion robbery. The homeowner said he believes his residence was targeted because of firearm pictures he posts on social media. (WPTS, Saint Petersburg, Fla., 07/10/2020)
From the Armed Citizen® Archives May 1970

Two men came into Mrs. D.C. Wood's grocery store near Fayetteville, N.C., armed with a pistol and said they were going to rob her. She picked up a shotgun and threatened to fill them full of buckshot if they didn't leave. The men fled to their car and drove away. (Fayetteville, N.C., Observer)

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