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NRA Gun of the Week: Savage Arms Axis II Overwatch

Savage Arms partnered with Mossy Oak for this line extension of the riflemaker’s second generation of Axis bolt-action rifles. The Savage Arms Axis II Overwatch, featured on this NRA Gun of the Week video, represents the engineering and manufacturing capabilities Savage has to create a hunting rifle rich in features and comprised of modern materials delivered at an affordable price.

Right-side view on white background with text on image calling the make and model of the Savage Arms Axis II Overwatch rifle.

The gun’s polymer stock displays Mossy Oak’s Overwatch, a computer-modeled environment with dramatic detail and colors that meld the rifle with real-world environments. We think it looks pretty cool, too. Not to mention, it is the official camouflage of your National Rifle Association. Aside from the stock’s looks, the design is efficient and effective. Gripping surfaces alongside the fore-end and at the wrist are purposefully sculpted, giving its operator great control. Savage furnishes a detachable box magazine with the rifle, with capacity for up to four rounds in our test sample’s 7 mm-08 Rem. chambering.

Quatering view of a camouflage rifle shown on a white background.

The stock’s interior provides pillars for the Axis II’s barreled action. Ample space surrounding the 20” stainless-steel barrel promotes repeatable accuracy and barrel cooling. A stainless-steel receiver is threaded to the barrel and locked via Savage’s external barrel nut. An Elite Smoke Cerakote finish is provided on the barreled action.

Up close of a Savage rifle receiver with text on image calling out the EGW one-piece optic rail.

Breaking the shot on this Axis II Overwatch is done by Savage’s famed Accu-Trigger. We found our factory sample to break crisply at just under 3 and a half pounds, but if you prefer a lighter, or heavier pull, the trigger can be adjusted from 2 and a half to 6 pounds. A two-lug bolt is utilized within the Axis II, and as such, requires 90 degrees to unlock the bolt from battery. A two-position safety is found at the bolt’s rear mounted on the receiver’s tang.

Man wearing a ballcap and protective shooting gear is shown shooting a camouflaged rifle.

Watch our NRA Gun of the Week video above for more on the Savage Axis II Overwatch.

Savage Arms Axis II Overwatch Specifications
Manufacturer: Savage Arms
Model: Axis II Overwatch
Action Type: bolt-action, center-fire rifle
Chambering: 7 mm-08 Rem.
Receiver: stainless steel
Barrel: 20” stainless steel
Stock: synthetic; Mossy Oak Overwatch camouflage
Trigger: Accu-trigger; adjustable
Sights: none; EGW optic rail
Finish: Elite Smoke Cerakote
Magazine: four-round detachable box
MSRP: $529

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