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Editor’s Choice: Armscor BBR 3.10

Editor’s Choice: Armscor BBR 3.10

Armscor, based in the Philippines, brings in an incredible variety of affordable 1911s, and most of the classic configurations can be had in the company’s extensive lineup, even in an assortment of chamberings.

For 2020, Armscor has expanded its BBR series that, initially, consisted only of a slim, compact offering chambered in .380 ACP. Now, a big-bore subcompact makes its debut in the form of the BBR 3.10.

So-called because of its 3.1" barrel and 10-round capacity, the 3.10 is more than a typical, 1911-style handgun. To start, it features a unique, double-stack magazine that allows the gun to carry up to 11 rounds of .45 ACP on board. Add to that its shortened 4.55" grip frame, and you have a gun that addresses two of the biggest complaints about the 1911: size and capacity.

Of course, a subcompact .45 ACP handgun is a handful to shoot, so Armscor mitigates recoil through the use of a ported barrel and slide. In testing during our "NRA Gun of the Week" video on this BBR 3.10, shooters certainly got the full experience of this ported arrangement, as it increased concussion with each shot. While the recoil was reduced, this pistol is still not a gun for the recoil-sensitive. However, it certainly packs potency in a small package.

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