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The Armed Citizen® May 4, 2020

The Armed Citizen® May 4, 2020

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A masked man drove his Chevy Impala into an individual outside of an Apple Glen, Ind. Walmart early on a Saturday morning, according to witnesses at the scene. After hitting the man with his car, the driver got out, grabbed a baseball bat, and began beating the victim on the ground.

A bystander armed with a gun confronted the masked man, who then ran from the scene, got back into his Impala and led officers on a high-speed chase. Police say that the armed citizen prevented an already-brutal assault from being even worse.

According to one local officer, police don't believe there was any connection between the masked man and his victim. Instead, they say, it appears the man "just snapped."

The 21-year-old suspect in the assault was later located, arrested and charged with attempted murder. Police say they were able to identify him through a tip from an individual who recognized the car from a separate incident. (FOX 55, Fort Wayne, Ind. (03/09/2020)
From the Armed Citizen® Archives November 1967

Violence was averted in northwest Washington, D.C., because Mrs. Ellen Von Nardroff, an attractive brunette, took a detective's advice and armed herself with a 20-ga. shotgun.

Detective L.E. Simmons gave her the advice after an intruder broke into her home, attempted to attack her and stole $50. The same man, a husky 6-footer, got halfway upstairs to Mrs. Von Nardroff's bedroom on a noisy second attempt, only to be met by her with the shotgun and a visiting girlfriend with a pistol. The intruder was arrested and held.

Mrs. Von Nardroff said she had practiced considerably with her 20-ga. shotgun after the Washington detective recommended a shotgun, properly handled, as the most effective defensive arm for "a lady who lives alone." (Washington Star)

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