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Editor’s Choice: 27 Nosler Cartridge

Editor’s Choice: 27 Nosler Cartridge

Nosler has been busy in recent years developing a slate of new cartridges, hopping from popular bullet diameter to popular bullet diameter, using modern ammunition design techniques to create a family of juiced-up magnums.

So it was just a matter of time until the family-owned company turned its focus to the uniquely American .27 caliber, and that time is now. The resulting 27 Nosler uses comparatively long and heavy .277" projectiles and a case capacity exceeding that of existing cartridges to attain external ballistics previously unseen in the caliber.

At launch, Nosler is offering two loads: a 150-gr. AccuBond Trophy Grade and a 165-gr. AccuBond Trophy Grade Long Range, as well as 25-count boxes of component brass. According to company data, through barrels of identical length, the 27 Nosler pushes 150-gr. bullets 400 f.p.s. faster than the .270 Win. and 300 f.p.s. faster than the .270 WSM—resulting in considerably more energy on target and a flatter trajectory.

For 2020, Nosler is also producing two M48 rifles chambered for 27 Nosler, the Mountain Carbon and the Long Range Carbon. For more information on the new 27 Nosler cartridge, visit

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