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The Armed Citizen® May 15, 2020

The Armed Citizen® May 15, 2020

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A casual dice game in Hinds County, Miss. took a turn for the worse early on Saturday, April 7. As the game ended at 3 a.m., one of the participants got into his vehicle to leave, when a 16-year-old involved in the game approached the car.

According to Hinds County deputies, they believe the 16-year-old was attempting to rob the driver of the vehicle when he fired a shot into the car. The victim got out of his car and returned fire, striking the teen multiple times.

The suspected robber then attempted to leave the scene in a stolen car with two other occupants. The vehicle crashed, and the wounded teen made his way across the street, where he was later found by responding officers.

At the time of reporting, the suspected robber had been taken to the University of Mississippi Medical Center, where he was listed in stable condition. He will be charged with attempted armed robbery, aggravated assault and possession of a stolen vehicle upon his medical release. Deputies also noted that the teen was wanted on felony charges by another agency.

The victim who returned fire was questioned by deputies and released. (WJTV-12, Hinds County, Miss., 04/06/2020)
From the Armed Citizen® Archives January 1986

Crouching in the bedroom of her Sacramento, Calif. apartment, Judith Scott heard burglars break down two doors as they tried to elude the police who interrupted their burglary of her adjoining video store.

As they approached her room, Scott opened fire and wounded one. The burglars were arrested. Scott, who had been robbed and her store burglarized previously, had taken a firearms course offered by Sacramento police. (The Union, Sacramento, Calif.)

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