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The Armed Citizen® April 3, 2020

The Armed Citizen® April 3, 2020

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Around 10 P.M. on a Tuesday night, a Spotsylvania Co., Va. woman noticed someone inside her parked car and walked out to investigate. When she approached the person going through her car, a 17-year-old male, she asked him what he was doing.

The young man then proceeded to put on a mask and walk away from her with items he had taken from her car. At that point, the woman began shouting for help, a cry that her neighbors heard. The woman's neighbor and his wife got into their own vehicle, attempting to stop the thief while they dialed 911.

They caught up to the suspect and pulled their vehicle in front of him. The neighbor got out of the vehicle to confront the suspect, who then drew two handguns and pointed them at the neighbor.

The neighbor drew his own handgun and fired at the thief, striking him in the leg. The masked thief ran off, only to be caught when he went to a nearby home to ask for help for his leg wound. It turned out that the two guns he pulled on the neighbor were fake, except the neighbor's handgun wasn't. (NBC12.com, Richmond, Va., 02/05/2020)  

From the Armed Citizen® Archives April 1986

He had just opened the store for the day, so Birmingham, Ala., pharmacist William Camp hadn't yet taken off the gun he carried to work. That was unfortunate for the robber who walked in and stuck a pistol in Camp's face; in the ensuing shootout, the robber was critically wounded, but Camp was unhurt. The robber was free on bond for two earlier robbery charges, police said. (The Nest's, Birmingham, Ala.)

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