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Preview: TRACT Toric Extreme Long Range Riflescope

Preview: TRACT Toric Extreme Long Range Riflescope

As rifles and shooters become more capable at ringing steel at long range, the need for dependable long-range riflescopes has become more prominent in recent years. TRACT Optics applied its unique business model to this growing market, supplying an all-new option in its Toric lineup. This 4.5-30x56 mm Extreme Long Range Riflescope is purpose-built for shooters looking to stretch their shooting to a mile or beyond.

“Extreme Long-range shooting requires an optic that can perform in every aspect, from the glass clarity, to low-light performance, function and repeatability of tracking, solid yet simple Zero Stop, forgiving eye box and rugged durability in virtually any conditions," said TRACT Optics Co-Founder Jon LaCorte. "The New TORIC 34 mm 4.5-30x56 MRAD ELR rifle scope does all that and more."

To accommodate the in-reticle adjustments shooters will need to make during these mile-long shooting sessions, the TRACT ELR Riflescope is equipped with a specially designed MRAD ELR reticle. This Christmas tree-style reticle provides all of the adjustments shooters may have to apply to get rounds on target at distance. Shooters will find windage and elevation holds every 0.2 MILs, as well as a quick-reference mark every 0.5 MILs. To reduce cluttering inside the reticle, the 0.2-MIL correction marks are placed opposite of the 0.5-MIL marks, enabling shooters to quickly make adjustments.

One of the critical elements required in any extreme long-range riflescope is high-quality glass so that shooters can clearly see not only their target but also the environmental indicators downrange that can make or break a shot. To ensure shooters see the details necessary to get on target, the TRACT ELR Riflescope is constructed with an advanced Ultra High Definition optical system, which uses SCHOTT HT glass and extra low-dispersion lenses. These features ensure shooters have a bright, sharp image that makes them competitive in the ELR optic marketplace.

Thanks to the 34 mm main-body tube, plenty of adjustment range is built into the optic, giving ELR enthusiasts up to 30 MILs of adjustment range. Each TRACT Toric 4.5-30x56 mm Extreme Long Range Riflescope is designed in the United States and built in Japan by a leading optics manufacturer. The suggested retail price on the new optic is $1,694. For more information on the Toric lineup, visit tractoptics.com.

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