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The Armed Citizen® April 10, 2020

The Armed Citizen® April 10, 2020

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The peace at a Leesburg, Fla. WaWa was shattered when a 23-year-old man battered another man inside the store. The attacker struck the man until he fell to the ground, at which point the attacker started kicking the victim in the head. Injuries caused in the battery left the victim bleeding on the floor. A woman in the store started shouting at the attacking young man and went to help the injured man on the ground when the attack stopped.

The attacker started the assault again on the wounded victim, pushing the woman to the ground as he resumed. At that point, a concealed-carry holder drew his pistol and ordered the attacker to stop. The concealed-carry holder managed to stop the attacker and hold him at gunpoint until police arrived. When police arrived, the armed citizen followed orders to drop his weapon and place his hands on his head as they determined the situation.

The police soon learned the nature of the incident and called paramedics to the scene. They discovered that the attacker had been barred from the store but returned several times. The attacker later tried to go at police, adding to his charges which included aggravated battery and violation of probation.

The authorities determined that the armed citizen had acted in defense of the other shoppers to stop the battery, and returned his pistol once they confirmed that he had a valid concealed-carry-permit. (Villages-News.com, The Villages, Fla., 03/15/2020)

From the Armed Citizen® Archives July 1986

After a heavily armed gunman broke into Jeremy Sterger's Wilton, Calif., home, killed his brother and his father's girlfriend and wounded his father, the 14-year-old boy ran to his room. Turning off the lights, the boy got his .22-cal. revolver and took cover behind his door.

When the intruder entered, the youth fired three times, downing his assailant. His father arrived and shot the man once more with a .22-cal. rifle, killing the gunman. No charges were filed against the Stergers. (The Union, Sacramento, Calif.)

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