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The Armed Citizen® March 6, 2020

The Armed Citizen® March 6, 2020

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Around 3 a.m. on a Saturday morning in Tulsa, Okla., a homeowner's son was asleep on the couch in the living room when he woke up to the sound of the family dogs barking. He checked the front door and discovered a man standing on the porch. The man on the porch demanded to see and speak with his fiancee and raised his fist at the son. The son tried to explain to the man that he was at the wrong house and that he needed to leave. Instead of leaving, however, the man went down to the family cars in the driveway, looked inside them and broke into one. The son watched as the man then began to move toward the back yard, at which point the he called the police.

While the son was on the phone with the police, the man began trying to kick in the back door. Armed, the son repeatedly warned the man to not come inside or he would be shot, the verbal warning even heard by the dispatcher. The son repeated his warning to the man at least three times. The man made his way through the door and began to walk into the home, at which point the son shot him in the stomach. The man continued for a second before suddenly grabbing his side and running around to the front and collapsing in the street, where police found him. (Oklahoma’s News 4, Oklahoma City, Okla., 01/13/2019)   

From the Armed Citizen® Archives 
April 1973

An armed bandit entered Orr Stewart's Cleveland, Ohio, dime store and ordered Stewart to empty the cash register. Suddenly the thief was flanked by two pistol-wielding female clerks. When he turned toward one clerk with his gun, both women opened fire. The bandit fell to the floor wounded. Police removed him to a hospital. (The Cleveland Plain Dealer, Cleveland, Ohio)

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