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The Armed Citizen® March 30, 2020

The Armed Citizen® March 30, 2020

Armed Citizen® Today

An Allouex, Wis., man thwarted an attempted armed robbery just before noon on a Saturday. The man was plowing snow with a small tractor when he was approached by a suspicious character asking for five dollars. When the man refused, the suspicious person produced an 8" knife and demanded the money, holding the blade towards the man's chest. The man asked the robber if he could go to retrieve his wallet from his truck, to which the intruder agreed.

With the robber waiting by the tractor, the man walked to his truck and pulled out his concealed-carry pistol from the door, the man being a CCW permit holder. Seeing the pistol in the man's hand, the would-be-robber took off running. Once the suspect ran off, the man dialed 911 and told police that he used his concealed-carry gun to defend himself, after which police said he did everything right. The man didn't fire a shot, and police are looking for the suspect. (WBAY.com, Green Bay, Wis., 02/24/2020)  

From the Armed Citizen® Archives December 1985

Waiting in his car for his daughter to get off work, a Norman, Okla., man watched as a suspicious character walked into the dry cleaners, where he pushed the daughter to the back of the building and bound her. The clerk's father waited until the armed robber was away from his daughter, cleaning out the cash register, then he walked in with a pistol. He held the robber at gunpoint for police. (The Oklahoman, Oklahoma City, Okla.)

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