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The Armed Citizen® March 16, 2020

The Armed Citizen® March 16, 2020

Armed Citizen Extra

On Saturday, Feb. 8, a 37-year-old homeowner in West Salem, Ohio, was alerted by his wife that someone was apparently in the process of kicking in their garage door. The homeowner got up from bed, dressed himself and grabbed his pistol. Walking outside toward the garage, he came across a man trying to break into the garage door using a pitchfork. The homeowner walked up to him and raised his pistol, telling the man to stop and get down on the ground. The homeowner then held the man there at gunpoint until police arrived. After arresting the man attempting to break in, police found on his person drugs, ammunition, knives and other assorted items. (KIRO-7, Seattle, Wash., 02/11/2020)   

From the Armed Citizen® Archives: 
November 1963

Edward Visnaw of Portland, Oreg., a bakery owner, was tallying the day's receipts when he heard a knock on the door. He was confronted by a man who flashed what seemed to be a badge. The man said he was a detective and had a tip that the bakery was to be robbed. The man said he would return to the police car and radio for another car. Visnaw became suspicious because of the man's youth and slipped a revolver into his pocket. When the "detective" returned, he told Visnaw to lock the door. As Visnaw did so the man hit him several times over the head with a blackjack. Warding off the blows, the baker pulled his revolver and shot his assailant dead. (Oregon Journal)

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