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The Armed Citizen® February 28, 2020

The Armed Citizen® February 28, 2020

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Around 3 A.M. on a January morning in Warren, Mich., a 28 year old homeowner and concealed carry license holder parked in his driveway and proceeded to walk up to the front door of his house after returning from a night out. As he did so, a 22 year old man ran up on him with a gun in hand, likely to try and rob him. The homeowner drew his own gun and fired several shots at close range at the would be assailant who returned fire. They exchanged nearly 20 rounds during the encounter. The homeowner was not harmed in the exchange while the suspect was struck in the leg and forearm. The suspect made his way back to his vehicle to flee the scene.

Warren Police were in the area and even heard the shots. Minutes later they spotted a car a few blocks away from the incident driving with its lights off. When they tried to pull the car over, it sped off and they gave chase. Upon ending the chase, they found the driver of the car to be the suspect with the gunshot wounds. Police determined that the homeowner was simply defending himself. The suspect went to the hospital for his wounds and already had a criminal history, he is likely to be charged with armed robbery and attempted murder. (Fox 2 Detroit, Detroit, Mich., 01/22/2020)

From the Armed Citizen® Archives 
September 1979

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Dickerson were asleep in their North Nashville, Tenn., home when Mrs. Dickerson was awakened by a prowler, apparently in the bedroom. She awakened her husband, who reached for his .357 Mag. revolver, getting it just in time to meet a lunging attack by the thwarted burglar. Dickerson fired once, felling his assailant. Police did not charge Dickerson in the shooting. "Mr. Dickerson was protecting his life, his wife and his property," said a police spokesman. (The Banner, Nashville, Tenn.)

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