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Preview: Clear Ballistics Starter Kit

Preview: Clear Ballistics Starter Kit

Measuring the performance of self-defense rounds isn't an easy task, and over the decades, both government and private enterprises have come up with differing methods to test the effectiveness of bullet designs built to stop a threat. One such method, the so-called "FBI Protocol" provides an objective method of measurement through the use of ballistic gel medium. One company, Clear Ballistics, is helping to revolutionize the use of ballistic gel among companies and individuals alike.

Traditionally, ballistic gelatin blocks have been difficult and time-consuming to create. A standard gel block, once mixed, has to be refrigerated and must be used within a certain time frame in order to get optimum results. Additionally, once used, they're done and must be disposed. Clear Ballistics uses a medium that eases the process, and a new starter kit makes it easy to begin your own testing.

The Clear Ballistics Starter Kit contains everything a newcomer to ballistic gelatin needs in order to not only start conducting his or her own penetration testing, but to also subsequently melt and reform gel blocks for repeat use.

Available calibrated at either 10 or 20 percent—in order to meet the FBI and NATO protocols, respectively—the kit includes two virgin blocks of ballistic gelatin (one 16"x6"x6" and one 9"x4"x4"), an 18-quart stainless steel roaster oven, a 16"x6"x7" mold, one calibration card and instructions for how to properly melt a used block.

Unlike organic ballistic gelatin, Clear Ballistics’ 100 percent synthetic blocks are temperature-stable, they will not rot and they require no specialized storage requirements. Suggested retail pricing on the kit starts at $210 for 10-percent gelatin, while a 20-percent gelatin kit costs $230. For more information, visit clearballistics.com.

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