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The Armed Citizen® October 12, 2020

The Armed Citizen® October 12, 2020

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A man was forced to defend himself when he was encircled by a gang of armed men after exiting a luxury department store in San Francisco, Calif., on Oct. 1, 2020. 

The man, wearing a Rolex watch, left the Neiman Marcus department store near Union Square around 5 p.m. A group of individuals armed with handguns then encircled and attempted to rob him at gunpoint. A struggle then broke out between the man and the muggers as they tried to rob him in broad daylight. The man was unarmed, yet during the struggle, he managed to take a pistol from one of his assailants.

After wrestling the pistol from one of the muggers, the man then shot his attacker in the chest several times at point-blank range. The other thugs quickly broke off their attempted robbery and jumped into a getaway car after the man sized the pistol and shot their associate. Police officers nearby heard the shots and rushed to the scene, where they found the wounded assailant on the ground.

Aid was rendered to the wounded 21-year-old assailant, who was rushed to a local hospital but later died of his wounds. Witnesses in the area told investigators that the man acted in self defense during the altercation with the gang of would-be robbers.

Police also recovered three firearms from the scene dropped by the thugs as they fled. The slain assailant was a suspect in a home invasion back on May 5, and also had six other cases pending for robbery, stolen vehicle possession and child endangerment. (asian-dawn
.com, San Francisco, Calif., 10/03/2020)

From the Armed Citizen® Archives  April 1977   

When a pair of young thugs invaded Jerome Gaine's West Baltimore, Md., pharmacy, they weren't prepared for the spunky resistance of Gainesvilles and his wife Leatrice. One of them pointed a snub-nose revolver at Mrs. Gaine and demanded cash, but she screamed at him instead.

When the startled robber stepped back, Gainesvilles hit an alarm button, grabbed his own .38-cal. revolver and opened fire, wounding one of the pair. Police apprehended him later. (The Sun, Baltimore, Md.)

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