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Preview: Phlster Floodlight Holster System

Preview: Phlster Floodlight Holster System

Designed for appendix or strong-side IWB carry by either a right- or left-hander, the Phlster Floodlight is a modular holster system that allows for a wide range of user adjustment and customization. Its claim to fame, however, is near-universal acceptance of compact and fullsize pistols equipped with either a Surefire X300 Ultra A/B or a Streamlight TLR-1/TLR-1 HL light.

Generally speaking, the concept of a universal holster is one that rarely works out well, because by necessity, any holster designed to fit a wide range of guns doesn't provide the same level of security and retention as a model-specific holster. However, the Phlster Floodlight gets around that by providing a molded fit for the attached weaponlight. To ensure a refined fit across multiple platforms, the holster also features many smoothed, radiused and standardized contours that accommodate a variety of dimensions and shapes found on today's handguns.

Despite the purpose-built fit, differently sized guns can still have some play near the mouth of the holster. Phlster addressed this with a unique, two-piece design that provides adjustable slide contact. The two halves of the holster are connected by shock cord, and users can adjust the fit of the holster by lengthening or shortening the cord holding the two halves together. Adjustable retention is also possible, simply by tightening or loosening the ModWing hardware.

Each Phlster Floodlight is ambidextrous and can be carried AIWB or strong-side IWB. Clips, loops and a concealment claw are all standard features, and the holster’s open top and bottom allow use of pistol-mounted optics, extended slides and threaded barrels. The holster also accommodates all muzzle devices, suppressor-height sights and slide-mounted optics. The suggested MSRP on the Phlster Floodlight is $119. For more information, check out 

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