New for 2020: Remington Model 700 CP Bolt-Action Pistol

posted on January 23, 2020
The bolt-action pistol concept is nothing new. In fact Remington Arms, had skin in the game since the 1960s with its XP-100. New for 2020, though, is the Model 700 CP bolt-action pistol. Remington Arms has advanced its engineering to provide shooters and hunters with a well-rounded system to provide for long-range accuracy from a compact system.

Remington’s new Model 700-CP is built around the company’s tried-and-true Model 700 action, featuring a two-lug bolt with a built-in extractor, plunger-ejector and an over-sized bolt knob at the user end. To enhance shot-to-shot consistency, Big Green tuned its 700-CP for quick lock time—the time interval between sear release and the firing pin striking the cartridge primer.

Two barrel options are set for release, a 10.5” chambered for .300 BLK. and a 12.5” barrel chambered for .308 Win. and 6.5 mm Creedmoor. Barrels will come threaded 5/8x24 TPI, and the company provides a factory-installed thread protector. Remington’s barreled action nests securely in the company’s aluminum chassis with an attached SB Tactical SBA3 collapsing arm brace.

A free-float handguard has been added to the Model 700-CP with provision for M-LOK-compatible accessories. A one-piece cantilever Picatinny rail for optics is included, and the pistols come standard with the company’s adjustable X Mark Pro trigger.

The pistol’s magazine well, for 12.5”-barreled models, has been standardized to accept AICS-pattern detachable magazines, and Remington provides one 10-round Magpul polymer magazine. Models equipped with the .300 BLK chambering are outfitted for a 10-round MDT magazine (included).

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