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Tonight on ARTV: Benelli’s Super Black Eagle; Taurus G3; British Snider

The success of the modern Benelli really lies at the feet of the Super Black Eagle, now in its 2 and 3 configuration. In 1967, Paolo Benelli formed a new branch of the motorcycle company to make shotguns designed by Bruno Civolani and today, we know those shotguns as inertia-driven.

For this week’s “Rifleman Review,” we head to the range with a full-size 9 mm Luger handgun from Taurus—the Taurus G3. Available in six model configurations, Taurus’ G3 provides home defenders and concealed-carry aficionados with a dependable and value-driven system built with robust features and friendly ergonomics.

For this week’s “I Have This Old Gun” feature, American Rifleman Staff and historians delve into the British Snider-Enfield, a gun that first saw use on the battlefields of present-day Ethiopia. It was found that a trained marksman could be expected to load and fire the Snider 15 times per minute, a distinct advantage over the previous British Enfield muzzleloading rifle.

To watch complete segments of previous American Rifleman TV episodes, go to americanrifleman.org/artv. For all-new episodes of ARTV, tune in Wednesday nights to Outdoor Channel.

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