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The Armed Citizen® September 6, 2019

The Armed Citizen® September 6, 2019

A woman had walked back to her car when she was approached by an older man, who was upset because he reportedly thought she was not entitled to have a handicapped-parking decal inside her car. The woman told the man she was parked in a paid space rather than in handicapped parking. She apparently yelled at the man, who left the scene only to return with a steering-wheel lock. He allegedly swung the weapon at her as she attempted to keep him away from her by fighting him off with one hand while screaming for help. “No one would help me. I was scared. I felt like my life was in danger,” she later told news reporters. The woman held a concealed-carry license. With no alternative, she reached into her purse and pulled out her handgun, shooting the suspect in the leg. Within seconds afterward, an FBI agent in the area came to the scene and intervened. Police found that the woman had a concealed-carry permit, and witnesses supported her statement. Police determined the woman was acting in self-defense and charged the man with criminal damage to property with a dangerous weapon and disorderly conduct with a dangerous weapon. (wisn.com, Milwaukee, Wis., 5/31/19)

Armed Citizen Extra
A mother in Florida held a suspected intruder at gunpoint for 26 minutes while waiting for police to arrive. Just after midnight one Saturday, the mother called police on someone standing outside her door on her property. After her initial 9-1-1 call, she held the man at gunpoint for more than 10 minutes before calling police again, as no help had arrived. Luckily, an armed neighbor was available to help her detain the man while she waited an additional 13 minutes for authorities. The suspect underwent a mental evaluation, and was expected to face felony burglary charges. (Fox News, Pasco County, 6/5/19)

From the Armed Citizen® Archives
September 1970
Atlanta Ga., police answering a call found Mrs. James F. Brown, wife of the night superintendent of police, calmly holding a burglary suspect at gunpoint. Seeing two men drive up to a neighboring house while the owners were away, she had grabbed a pistol and captured one. The second fled. (Atlanta, Ga., Constitution)

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