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The Armed Citizen® August 26, 2019

The Armed Citizen® August 26, 2019

An armed citizen was credited by police as playing a critical role in defusing a dangerous situation and saving lives. In Missouri, a Trenton police officer was escorting a prison inmate for a mental evaluation one afternoon. The inmate, wearing chains, was seated in the front passenger seat while the officer drove along U.S. Highway 69 near Winston, Mo. The inmate reportedly tried to grab the officer’s gun. A struggle ensued in which the officer allegedly was shot in the stomach by the inmate, who reportedly succeeded in taking the firearm even though he received a gunshot wound to the hand. Traffic backed up on the highway due to the incident as the police car drove erratically to a gas station. Witnesses reported seeing the inmate holding the critically wounded officer at gunpoint. Men left their vehicles, and a crowd gathered near the police vehicle. An armed citizen came forward and pointed his gun at the inmate, ordering him to leave the police car. When the inmate obeyed, a group of men jumped in a dog pile on the inmate and held him until law enforcement arrived. “Who knows how the situation would have gone if he hadn’t been armed. Because once that suspect saw he had a gun pointed at him, he froze and they were able to grab him,” an eyewitness said. “There are a lot of people who think guns just hurt people, but they can save lives even without having to be discharged.” (St. Joseph News-Press, St. Joseph, Mo., 6/18/19)

The Armed Citizen Extra
A homeowner who kept an AR-15 by his bed was unfortunately forced to use it, after four men broke into his home one night. After being awakened by a loud noise, the homeowner grabbed his rifle and went to investigate. He found a masked man inside his home, with whom he exchanged gunfire. He also fired at another man approaching him. The homeowner killed both, but he, too, was wounded in the exchange. The other two burglars ran off, but were later apprehended nearby. The homeowner was rushed to a nearby hospital, where he was in stable condition. (Ocala Star BannerSummerfield, Fl., 7/12/19)

From the Armed Citizen® Archives
August 1975
An armed man approached the window of Henry Hilliard's Savannah, Ga., take-out restaurant and told the owner to give him money or he would be shot. Hilard turned around and told an employee to get the cash. At the same time, he pulled his gun, then turned back and shot at the robber, who fled. (The Savannah News-Press, Savannah, Ga.)

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