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The Armed Citizen® August 2, 2019

The Armed Citizen® August 2, 2019

In Baton Rouge, La., an employee at a grocery store was working when a masked man entered early in the morning. The robber had a gun and demanded the employees hand over money or they would be shot. One employee grabbed a gun and fired as the armed robber tried to jump over the counter where the employee was. The employee shot the robber, who collapsed on the floor after being struck in the side. Paramedics arrived on scene to transport the injured man to a hospital, where he later died. The clerk was not charged by police, who considered it a self-defense case. (wbrz.com, Baton Rouge, La., 5/20/19)

Armed Citizen Extra
A concealed-carry permit holder fought back against two gunmen in Englewood, Ill. After two men opened fire, striking a man standing outside of his vehicle, the vehicle's occupant stepped out and returned fire, shooting both men. One of the assailants was critically wounded and was rushed to the hospital, while the other sustained more minor injuries. The concealed-carry holder was unharmed. (Chicago Sun Times, Chicago, Ill., 6/7/19)

From the Armed Citizen® Archives
August 1969
Suddenly awakened, Mrs. Margaret King, Godfrey, Ill., found an intruder standing in her bedroom. She fired 2 shots from a cal. .22 pistol. The intruder fled. Police later detained a man who sought treatment for gunshot wounds to the chest at a nearby hospital. (Belleville, Ill., News-Democrat)

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