Product Preview: CamelBak Mil-Spec Crux 3L Short Reservoir

posted on June 24, 2019

The idea of storing an IV bag of water in a tube sock for a cycling event evolved into a versatile hydration solution trusted by, among others, the United States military. CamelBak’s 30 years of continued efforts in product design have resulted in the 3L Short Reservoir. The 3L Short Reservoir is designed to ride low within a pack, optimizing its weight distribution. An updated exit port and drink tube with a self-sealing bite valve allows for a 25-percent flow increase over previous designs, and the reservoirs fill cap and carry handle have been enlarged to ease use. Hydroguard Technology inhibits bacterial growth throughout the polyurethane unit. Empty weight is 8 ozs. For more information on this $49 hydration solution, please visit


Citadel Boss25
Citadel Boss25

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