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The Armed Citizen® May 24, 2019

The Armed Citizen® May 24, 2019

After security officers in St. Louis prevented an intoxicated, argumentative man from entering a ballpark, that man turned his attention to a passing motorist. A conversation ensued between the drunk man and the motorist. As the motorist tried to drive away, the drunk man became violent , leaning through the vehicle's window and punching the driver in the face. The driver was an armed citizen. Fearing for his life, the driver pulled out his firearm and shot the suspect, who was transported in critical condition to a hospital. (ksdk.com, St. Louis, Mo., 2/11/19)

Armed Citizen Extra
A 17-year-old male heroically sprang into action in Tuscaloosa when he witnessed a 43-year-old man assaulting his girlfriend. Authorities had already been called to the place where the incident occurred earlier on a domestic violence call. When the 43-year-old returned later for his things, however, the assault began. The 43-year-old's girlfriend was sitting outside the house in her vehicle with her children when he began to hit and threaten to kill her. The teenager, who was sitting inside the home when the fight broke out, grabbed a handgun and confronted the older man before the man's continued assault forced him to fire, inflicting a mortal wound. (al.com, Tuscaloosa, Ala., 5/1/19)

From the Armed Citizen® Archives
May 1963

Houston, Tex., liquor store owner, Sidney Scalise, found himself looking down the barrel of a .22 pistol as he was ordered by one of 2 men to hand over the money. Scalise gave the armed bandit $60 from the register, and $25 from his own wallet. As the men ran from the store, Scalise picked up a .45 he kept under a cover on the counter. As the thugs reached the corner 100 ft. away, Scalise leaned out of the shop door and took aim. One of the bandits brought his gun up and Scalise fired at him 4 times, dropping the man with a critical wound in the temple. Both were escaped convicts. (Houston Press)

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