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The Armed Citizen® May 20, 2019

The Armed Citizen® May 20, 2019

A group of young girls were outside their home in the neighborhood when a strange man walked up nearby. The man began to speak to himself and inanimate objects underneath an adjacent carport. Frightened at the man's strange behavior, the girls ran into the home and told their father. The girls' father retrieved his gun and went outside his home where he confronted the strange man, who was told to leave. A neighbor, who was also armed, came outside to see what was going on. The disturbed man then threw his ring at the father and neighbor, telling them he was trying to return the jewelry. Both the neighbor and father called the police and held the man at gunpoint. The man was taken into custody for resisting arrest and drug possession. (ktxs.com, Abilene, Texas, 2/18/19)

Armed Citizen Extra
When two men approached his Manatee County home with screwdrivers, an armed homeowner knew exactly what was about to go down. One would-be intruder approached his front door, while the other came toward the back, with the plan to use their screwdrivers to force open the doors. After noticing a gun in the hand of one suspect however, the armed homeowner opened fire, putting both suspects to flight. (ABC 7 WWSBBradenton,  Fla., 4/30/19)

From the Armed Citizen® Archives
May 1981
A would-be burglar got a nasty shock when he tried to rob George Highsmith's Terre House, Ind., home. Highsmith fired warning shots at the criminal, who ran for his life. (The Tribune, Terre Haute, Ind.)

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