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The Armed Citizen® April 5, 2019

The Armed Citizen® April 5, 2019

An armed citizen provided timely aid to a store employee who was assaulted by two shoplifters. In Loomis, Calif., a man and woman walked into a store and apparently attempted to leave with more than $50 worth of goods. A store employee confronted the pair over the alleged theft and was attacked by the male shoplifter with a knife. As the pair scuffled, the woman picked up the knife in an attempt to injure the worker as well. A bystander with a concealed-carry permit saw the incident and drew a firearm—ordering the woman to drop the knife and remain where she was. Officers soon arrived and arrested the pair for multiple criminal violations. (The Sacramento Bee, Loomis, Calif., 1/4/19)

The Armed Citizen Extra
A clerk at a Nashville auto parts store defended his store, and his life, one Wednesday afternoon. After having an argument with a customer earlier in the day, he saw the same customer pull back up to the store with a shotgun-wielding friend, who began to advance toward the store. The clerk, acting quickly, drew his pistol and shot the man as he advanced, sending him to the hospital with a critical chest wound. (News Channel 5, Nashville, Tenn, 3/13/19)

From the Armed Citizen® Archives
April 1962
Eugene Jewell was worried about being held up some night as he left his Bakersfield, Calif., grocery with the receipts, so he carried a cal. .22 pistol in his right hand. When 2 men grabbed him one night, he turned and fired 2 shots, critically wounding one man. (The Bakersfield Californian)

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