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The Armed Citizen® April 19, 2019

The Armed Citizen® April 19, 2019

disgruntled customer opened fire on employees in an IHOP during a late-night food run. The 25-year-old customer arrived at the restaurant to pick up a carry-out order and argued with one of the employees over it. Eyewitnesses reported seeing the disturbed customer leave the chain restaurant and return with a pistol in hand. Police say the customer started firing at employees and killed a 56-year-old worker. One wounded employee pulled a concealed-carry gun and returned fire at the shooter in defense of himself and others, killing the suspected attacker. The armed citizen was taken to the hospital for treatment. (tribtown.com, Huntsville, Ala., 1/17/19)

Armed Citizen Extra
A pre-dawn home invasion was thwarted by an armed citizen early one Friday morning. As two men attempted to break into a Centreville home, the homeowner opened fire, hitting one man in the neck. The wounded man was taken to a nearby hospital for treatment, while the other intruder, believed to be armed, fled the scene. (Belleville News-Democrat, Centerville, Ill., 3/22/19)

From the Armed Citizen® Archives
April 1976
After asking for cigarettes in a Minneapolis, Minn., grocery, a man opened his coat to reveal a knife and then demanded money from store clerk Margaret Clark. Instead, she pulled out a revolver and in the scuffle that ensued, fire and wounded the robber. He ran from the store but was arrested. (The Minneapolis Tribune, Minneapolis, Minn.)

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