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The Armed Citizen® March 4, 2019

The Armed Citizen® March 4, 2019

Comfortably asleep in their beds late at night, a married couple was awakened by the agitated growling of their dogs at the back door. The Warren, Ohio, couple then heard the unmistakable sound of someone breaking in. Springing into action, the homeowner grabbed his pistol and ran to take cover by the refrigerator. The burglar broke into the house and was confronted by the homeowner shouting, “I have a gun!” Ignoring the warning, the intruder came at the armed citizen, who shouted his warning again before taking aim and firing his gun, shooting the suspect in the arm. He ordered the interloper to get down onto the floor while his wife called the police. Officers arrived to find and arrest the intruder—who has a lengthy criminal record—on charges of breaking and entering. (Tribune Chronicle, Warren, Ohio, 11/21/18)

The Armed Citizen Extra
A legally armed citizen stepped in to end a case of road rage that seemed straight out of a Hollywood action film. As the armed citizen drove home from work on the Massachusetts Turnpike one Friday, he looked over to see a 65-year old man holding onto the hood of a speeding SUV, which was later determined to have been traveling at around 70 mph. The man sprang into action, boxing the SUV in with his car in stopped traffic and ushering the driver out at gunpoint until police arrived, before he could speed off again. (necn.com, Newton, MA, 01/29/2019)

From the Armed Citizen® Archives
March 1968
A youthful gunman made the mistake of announcing his intention to hold up Fowler's Pharmacy in Greenville, S.C. while his pistol was still in his pocket. Before he could draw, pharmacist Eugene Estes grabbed a .38 revolver from beneath the counter and shot him. (The Greenville, S.C., News)

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