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The Armed Citizen® November 8, 2019

The Armed Citizen® November 8, 2019

would-be robber with a pistol entered a Philadelphia cell phone store shortly after 4 p.m. He tossed a bag to the only employee in the store and told him to fill it with cell phones. What the robber didn’t know is that the employee was armed and legally allowed to carry. The employee drew and discharged his firearm, striking and killing the robber. Investigators say the store was robbed at least two other times in the past year. The employee will face no charges, as police deemed the incident as legally justifiable self-defense. (CBS Philadelphia, Philadelphia, Pa., 8/27/19)

The Armed Citizen Extra
A mugger was thwarted by his own greed late one Monday night. When a Providence man stepped outside his apartment to grab a smoke, he was approached by a stranger who put a gun to his head and ordered him to "run his pockets." After turning his victim's pockets out, however, the assailant was not satisfied with his take, and pushed him inside the apartment to retrieve more valuables. At this point, the resident was able to retrieve his own gun, and shot the unwanted intruder, prompting him to flee. (WPRIProvidence, R.I., 9/17/19)

From the Armed Citizen® Archives
November 1962
While moving into a new home in North Hollywood, Calif. Robert Fuller, an actor in a television western series, heard noises at a window. He grabbed a pistol, dashed out the front door, and caught a man about to crawl through a window. Fuller held the man at gunpoint while a passing motorist called police. (AP)

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