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Opening Shot: U.S. Marshals Get Trendy New Rig

Opening Shot: U.S. Marshals Get Trendy New Rig

The United States Marshals Service (USMS) recently announced the adoption of some interesting and illustrative new gear for its Special Operations Group (SOG). The heart of the operators’ new service sidearm is STI’s Staccato-P pistol, a variant of the firm’s single-action double-stack 2011 platform in 9 mm Luger. Topping the slide is Leupold’s DeltaPoint Pro red-dot sight, backed up by the Universal Optic System from Dawson Precision—co-witnessing iron sights pairing a black notch rear with a fiber-optic front. It’s telling that USMS SOG, and other elite law enforcement groups, are putting their trust in pistol-mounted optics and the modern offspring of John Browning’s M1911. Stay tuned for upcoming American Rifleman coverage on the red-dot revolution and persevering single-action pistols.

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