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The Armed Citizen® September 28, 2018

The Armed Citizen® September 28, 2018

When two thugs tried to manhandle a woman in a driveway and force her to take them into her home, the woman’s husband came to her aid. After hearing the commotion outside, he grabbed a gun, took aim and yelled at them to stop. With that, the attackers responded by initiating a gunfight. They might have started it, but they didn’t come out on top. One trespasser was wounded in the head, and the other fled afterward. The two residents were uninjured. (Houston Chronicle, Houston, TX, 7/18/18)

The Armed Citizen® Extra
A pizza deliveryman had just dropped off a pizza at an apartment and was walking back to his car when a man armed with a knife ambushed him and tried to rob him. The armed man stabbed the pizza deliveryman, who then grabbed a gun from inside his vehicle and shot his attacker. The criminal was later found dead on a stranger’s porch several homes down from the attack. The deliveryman was taken to a hospital for treatment of the stab wound, and reported as in stable condition. He was not charged for the self-defense shooting. (wpxi.com, Beaver Falls, PA, 8/14/18)

From the Armed Citizen® Archives 
September 1988
Michael Salerno of Phoenix, Ariz., was showering when he heard his dogs barking. Taking up his 9 mm handgun, Salerno investigated and found an armed burglar in his kitchen with a cocked revolver. Firing, the homeowner mortally wounded the intruder. Police said the slain man had Salerno’s wallet in his possession. (The Republic, Phoenix, AZ)

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