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Product Preview: Federal Premium Heavyweight TSS Shotshells

Product Preview: Federal Premium Heavyweight TSS Shotshells

Loaded with tungsten, an eco-safe material heavier than lead and effective for hunting wild turkey at extended ranges, Heavyweight TSS (Tungsten Super Shot) from Federal Premium Ammunition provides shooters with something lead simply cannot. The shot does not deform upon setback, and it flies impressively true and patterns tightly downrange. Heavyweight TSS has a lethal effective range surpassing the company’s previous line of Heavyweight No. 7 shot. Since the tungsten material is harder than steel, Federal provides a unique shot wad that fully encapsulates the payload for barrel protection and pattern consistency. Current Heavyweight TSS offerings are: 12-ga., 3" (1¾ oz.; No. 7); 12-ga., 3½" (2¼ oz.; No. 7, 9); 20-ga., 3" (1½ oz.; No. 7, 9); and .410 bore (7/8 oz., No. 9). Price: $30 to $50 for five rounds. Contact: Federal Premium Ammunition; (800) 379-1732; federalpremium.com.

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