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The Armed Citizen® May 29, 2018

The Armed Citizen® May 29, 2018

Some criminals might believe that a numerical advantage is enough to come out ahead during a home invasion, but that doesn’t always hold true when the victims exercise their Second Amendment right. Three thugs kicked down a back door during a daylight break-in at a Baker, La., home one day, thinking the odds were in their favor. It was a three-against-one situation, and they used metal pipes to beat the resident. But the stalwart citizen proved that one with a gun can take on three, wounding one of the aggressors critically and sending the others scurrying off. Police were seeking the others. (brproud.com, Baton Rouge, LA, 3/6/18) 

The Armed Citizen® Extra
A woman was out walking her dog one Sunday morning when she noticed a man get out of a van and begin to follow her. She eventually lost sight of the stranger and continued walking her dog. Suddenly, the miscreant came out from behind a trashcan and started walking toward her. As he passed her, he attempted to grab the back of her jacket, but his hand slipped. The woman, who has a license to carry, immediately grabbed her gun and pointed it at her assailant, who fled the scene. (Macomb Daily, Sterling Heights, MI, 12/5/17) 

From the Armed Citizen® Archives
May 1987
An office worker leaving her Harris County, Texas, office building was accosted by a man who tried to rob her. At first, she struggled with her assailant, but then agreed to give him jewelry. Instead, she drew a gun from her purse and fatally shot her attacker. The man was on parole for robbery and theft. (The Chronicle, Houston, TX)

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