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The Armed Citizen® April 9, 2018

The Armed Citizen® April 9, 2018

For those who say armed citizens don’t prevent crime, tell them about an Ohio case that illustrates just that. A resident heard a tapping noise early in the morning that he figured was someone trying to get into his home, so he grabbed his gun and met the intruder at the front door. At the mere sight of a gun, the interloper turned tail and ran. After the armed citizen called the police, they investigated and tracked down the suspect and charged him with aggravated trespassing. (Sandusky Register, Sandusky, OH, 1/16/18) 

The Armed Citizen® Extra
When a man randomly walked into a house and started screaming accusations, the homeowners and other visitors in the home were terrified. According to a witness, the man seemed to be having a mental breakdown. No one in the house knew who the man was or from where he came. The trespasser became violent and started fighting with the homeowners and other guests. Luckily, one of the homeowners grabbed a revolver and pointed it at the intruder, who then fled the scene. Shortly after, police found the deranged man walking around incoherently a block away from the residence, and was taken into custody. (The Wilbur Register, Wilbur, WA, 2/22/18) 

From the Armed Citizen® Archives
April 1970
Three men from Montrose, Colo., were on their way home from a hunting trip when they surprised four youths beating a State patrolman with rocks. The patrolman had stopped the youths for a traffic violation and the four boys had jumped him. The hunters stopped the scuffle and held three of the youths at gunpoint; the other young man and a juvenile girl who was in the car escaped but were captured shortly afterward. (Denver Post, Montrose, CO)

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