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The Armed Citizen® March 30, 2018

The Armed Citizen® March 30, 2018

A Houston woman who woke up and saw a strange man standing in her bedroom early Jan. 1 didn’t think he was there to wish her a Happy New Year. She grabbed the handgun she keeps by her bed for defensive purposes. When the meddler stepped toward her as she aimed the gun, she fired. The police did not charge the resident of the home. (chron.com, Houston, TX, 1/2/18)

The Armed Citizen® Extra
A young man was on his way to work one morning when a thug, who was armed with a gun, tried to steal his vehicle. In response, the would-be victim, who has a valid concealed-carry license, produced his own firearm and shot and killed the carjacker. It turned out that the armed miscreant had a criminal history. The armed citizen was not charged, as the district attorney stated he “lawfully acted in self-defense.” (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, Milwaukee, WI, 3/20/18)

From the Armed Citizen® Archives
March 1988
A man had followed Naomi Owens from a Birmingham, Ala., shoe store and then forced his way into her car by pretending to have a gun. The pretense vanished when Owens drew her own .38 revolver from her pocketbook, and, in a struggle with the assailant, mortally wounded him. No charges were brought against Owens. (The News, Birmingham, AL)

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