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The Armed Citizen® March 23, 2018

The Armed Citizen® March 23, 2018

Concealed-carry permit holders in South Carolina stopped an angry man from assaulting employees and customers at a car dealership, proving that good citizens with guns can, indeed, help curtail crime. The suspect, who was apparently unhappy with the service at the Stateline auto sales business, showed up at the establishment with a pipe wrench in hand. He reportedly made death threats to at least two of the employees, then shouted, “Watch this!” and smashed windows and the bodies of three vehicles to further intimidate nearby people. At that, two customers who had permits to carry drew their guns, telling him to stop wreaking havoc. They held the vandal at gunpoint until police arrived. The police used a stun gun to subdue the suspect and a scuffle ensued, but he was arrested and charged with five felonies, including attempted murder. One dealership employee testified at a bond hearing that the defendant had backed him into a corner, waving the wrench in a threatening manner, before unleashing a tirade of verbal threats and damaging the cars. (The State, Columbia, SC, 1/14/18) 

The Armed Citizen® Extra
After an elderly couple fought off an intruder, they warn others to be prepared as well. Late one night, the male homeowner was watching TV when his wife got out of bed to tell him she thought she saw someone in their hallway. Her husband grabbed his pistol and found a trespasser in their bathroom. The miscreant jumped the elderly man and the two wrestled one another. Luckily, the wife grabbed another gun and shot the intruder, who then fled the scene. The criminal was found later when he went to the hospital to get treatment for his gunshot wounds. Police arrested the delinquent on suspicion of a parole violation, home-invasion robbery, burglary, elder abuse and assault. (The Press-Enterprise, Hemet, CA, 2/16/18) 

From the Armed Citizen® Archives
March 1961
Pete Smith, wearied by a series of burglaries that were “picking him clean,” began sleeping in his Rockingham, N.C., grill. About 3:30 a.m., Smith heard tampering at the door and, at the sound of a break-in, fired his cal. .22 rifle at the intruder. The burglar died instantly. (Charlotte Observer, Rockingham, NC)

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