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The Armed Citizen® February 23, 2018

The Armed Citizen® February 23, 2018

Even something as simple as walking a dog can put a person in harm’s way, but a Michigan woman was able to withstand a recent threat because she had a gun. While the woman was taking her dog for his nightly walk, a stranger came up from behind and grabbed her. The armed citizen responded by pressing her handgun against the alleged assailant’s gut. The pet owner had been in a heightened state of awareness because she had earlier noticed a black van with no windows idling on the side of the street ahead of her. She then caught sight of a man getting out of the vehicle and strolling parallel to her as she walked her dog. The uneasiness of the situation prompted her to grip her gun while it was still in her jacket pocket. When the man later took hold of her coat, she drew her gun, pushed it into his stomach area and reportedly said, “I don’t want to kill you.” The thug scurried off. (fox32chicago.com, Chicago, IL, 12/7/17)

The Armed Citizen® Extra
One afternoon, a 49-year-old man got into an alteration with a 72-year-old man inside a home. The younger man backed the elderly man into a corner. Fearing for his life, the older man believed he didn’t have any choice but to protect himself and shot his aggressor with his .44 Mag. handgun. The older man was not charged and a local attorney said the act was clearly a case of self-defense. (Missoulian.com, Polson, MT, 1/26/18) 

From the Armed Citizen® Archives
February 1981
Alone at home while her husband was elk hunting, Doris Walls shot a 33-year-old who she said broke into her Hermiston, Ore., residence and attempted to rape her. The suspect, wounded in the shoulder by a .30-30 round, was charged with burglary and attempted rape. (The Hermiston Herald, Hermiston, OR)

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